Immortal Enemies

Created for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and featuring the inimitable Sean Jones, this details breast cancer and how it spreads, using detailed photographs from electron microscopy as reference in order to keep as much detail and accuracy as possible. The pink cells are breast cancer cells that are in the act of replicating, the orange ones are extending in order to attempt to metastasize. Only a portion of his body is showing as the cancer consumes the host, ┬áto pay testament to how this bodily event can take away people’s sense of wholeness and identity and in some cases of survivors, actual parts of their bodies.
The composition is meant to be read as the cells attempting to cooperate to form an attack, but the Pink Ribbon is in the middle, warding off the spread of the cancer and for the purposes of this composition, effectively preventing the cancer cells from communicating with one another.
Complimentary colour schemes adorn the edges to convey the frenetic movement of the cancer cells and how rapidly they can spread and overcome the host, adding some beauty to something that’s deadly. If anything, I hope this piece teaches people to treat cancer seriously and to treat the natural world around us with awe and respect for how quickly the equilibrium of even our bodies can be turned against us.

50% of the profits of this piece sold will be going to Sean’s preferred breast cancer charity- Pink Ribbon Foundation. Art has the capacity to help the world; this is just a small nod to what it can do.

Model- Sean Jones
Bodypainting, concept, photography: Victoria Gugenheim

Model Sean's back becomes a living  canvas for education and hope.

Model Sean’s back becomes a living canvas for education and hope.