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New Bodypaint!: Miss Electra Mechanica


Model: Alice Nevermore
Photography, Concept, Bodypaint: Victoria Gugenheim
Background: Wolf Reicherter

My new way to paint robots! I experimented with a new layering technique and by adding more complexity to the piece. The shapes are more ergonomically designed, sleeker than my other bots. The colour scheme is more complex, as is the painted on structure of the droid itself. Alice was a fantastic model for this, staying the distance as I experimented. To say thank you, she is now my promotional model for my new World Bodypainting Association workshop, entitled Robots and Cyborgs; Gugenheim Style with Wolf Reicherter premiering 7th-8th March which you can join here.

100% hand painted. No stencils, no airbrush.

-Alice-140210_Gynoid_01-logo copy