Robosteel: Dieselpunk Gynoid

Wolf’s Bodymagic and Victoria Gugenheim traveled to sunny Ireland to work with one of the world’s most influential metal sculpture companies that make life size replicas of Transformers, Aliens and Predators, whose clients include Google.

Silver robotic bodypainting.  Bodypainters: Victoria Gugenheim & Wolf's Bodymagic

Silver robotic bodypainting.
Bodypainters: Victoria Gugenheim & Wolf’s Bodymagic

Dieselpunk_GynoidNo1_01  Dieselpunk_GynoidNo1_06 The aim was to transform Piya, our lovely model and co-director of  Robosteel, into a work of art that could have been made from the recycled parts that they use for their work, but in a more fashionable and beautiful form.

Piya is both a dedicated and passionate model, able to work in a variety of poses from fashion to fine art. We worked throughout the day to transform her into this beautiful silver gynoid, the bike used her created by Robosteel theirselves.
You can see more of robosteel’s work at

Bodypainters: Victoria Gugenheim and Wolf’s Bodymagic
Photographer: Edina Valentova
Model: Piyanuch Chanphet