Laid bare in this private commission is what lies beneath the skin in all of us. Here Victoria Gugenheim is demonstrating her anatomical painting skills as well as her understanding of gore asthetics .

Fallen Eve

Fallen Eve has been a collaboration Photoshoot with Photographer/Concept Artist/Studio Awesomeness: Grant Ibtasama Masruuq Mark Benson in the lead and his Model: Eileen Daly Bodypainter/MUA: Victoria Gugenheim Body Art +4 Wig of Snakey Excellence: Jules Newman

Sister Kabuki


Fierce Creatures Mar08

Fierce Creatures

MakeUp for a Fashion shoot with some truly fierce, haute couture designs and “creatures”

Elegantem: Queen of ...

UV / Blacklight bodypainting with a new twist. Skillful application of colour and geometry gives everyone who owns a pair of Chromadepth 3D glasses new insights and depths in this artwork.