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Drawing before she could talk , starting makeup at age 6, before progressing to face and bodypainting at 9, Victoria Gugenheim has always had an intense drive to create. Victoria has always felt more like an observer, sitting back and questioning what’s going on instead of being in the present moment. It is this curious, analytical nature that still drives her today.

Through her questioning of the world and her research, she has become passionate about the necessity of and  is merging, art with science. Art and science share a common ancestor with the human imagination, and without imagination there can be no hypothesis. It was the first visual, material, tangible “What if?” that humanity had, and it started 300,000 years ago deep in the caves near the twin Zambini Rivers. There, Homo Heildelbergenesis created the first known art; art on the human body. This art was then used for rituals, accessing altered states of consciousness, tribal hierarchies and more besides. The key was its immediate, visceral effect that has the capacity to stun and awe. So long has this been around, it is now ingrained in our DNA and most people worldwide will have an immediate response to it.

Victoria’s art has been a lifelong quest  of “de-othering” people through art, public speaking and personal aesthetic choice, and understands that when someone others another human being, it dehumanizes them, objectifies them and makes them a target for everything from stereotyping at best and at worst, violence, poverty and death. And this is most often caused by ignorance. Through connecting art, science, visual representations of the self, human rights activism and questioning what we can become both aesthetically and intellectually, Victoria has created a niche that no other artist to date has dared step into.

Fully committed to living her art, Victoria is not afraid of standing out in the crowd, and encourages others to raise their voices and be heard in a world which cherishes the average over the individual. She believes that only with the realisation of yourself and a willingness to connect with others without othering them, can humanity progress.

Her art ranges from bodypainting, makeup, photography, sculpture, performances, installations, digital art, clothing design, drawing and painting with science and technology. Never wanting to be limited, she sought out any media necessary to make a concept work- and it is this industriousness that has helped bring her her current success.

Her clients include Cirque le Soir, Nokia, London Fashion Week, Models of Diversity, Charlotte Church, Lawrence Krauss, Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear, Girls Roc and The World Bodypainting Festival among many others, as well as private commissions that are undertaken with great care, attention to detail and patience. She uses bodypainting as a way of empowering the human spirit, giving the person painted a new found confidence that can be life changing.

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