Victoria Gugenheim has the following select list of Credits. For a more comprehensive list, please use the contact form provided.

WINNER: Best Costume (and 3D UV Bodypaint) Mr Pole Fitness 2015
JUDGE: Warpaint Bodypainting Competition (Feb 2015)
JUDGE: Paintopia Bodypainting Festival (May 2015)
DEMO ARTIST: Paintopia Bodypainting festival
FEATURE: Warpaint Magazine (Feb 2015)- Queen Victoria
PUBLISHED: Flamingo by Caitlin Kight:
WORLD FIRST: ADVENTURION 3D 360 World’s first 3D UV Bodypainting Captured in 360 and Linear Camera. (Jan 2014)
SHOOT: Imaginarium- PUNK for Imaginarium, London
SHOOT: Crossfaith; We Are The Future, Featuring Olivia Harriet Smith. Featured on their DVD and Live stageshow.

Bodypainted Lawrence Krauss, author of The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe From Nothingl Co-Star of The Unbelievers featuring Richard Dawkins
Featured in The Guardian Science here:
Featured in Tportal Croatia here (translates to Beauty and Brains, Bodyart as You’ve Never Seen it) :
Featured on i09:

Featured on ABC Australia, Adam Hills Tonight here:

World Bodypainting Association
World Photography Organisation
World Bodypainting Academy

Art Beyond Borders: Organization for Arts and Sciences
NEW: Founder- National Face and Bodypainter’s Day UK (13th September)

World Bodypainting Competition, UV Award:
11th Place 2010
8th Place 2011
3rd Place, Bronze Trophy Winner with Wolf Reicherter of Wolf’s Bodymagic
Instructor for The World Bodypainting Festival 2012 (Health and Safety)

World Ranking Makeup Artist

Winner: Mr Pole Fitness 2015 UK, Best Costume 2015

2014: Makeup Artist UV effects, Charlotte Church’s Entanglement Documentary
Mechanics and robotics Instructor, World Bodypainting Academy
Fantasy Bodypainting Instructor, World Bodypainting Academy
Angle Grinder: World Bodypainting Festival Fashion Show
Founder: Art Beyond Borders: Mixing Art with Science
Avante Garde, Trompe L’oeil and Fine Art Bodypainting Instructor
Cirque Le Soir- Trompe L’oeil and Fine Art Bodypainting, Resident artist, 1wk
Guest Bodypainter and Performer, Surreal Ballroom, World Bodypainting Festival

2013: Makeup artist and part: Guardians of the Galaxy
Own Makeup & part: Pride Movie
Satyr Bodypainting, Private Event
Guest Lecturer and Artist, Ancestor’s Trail, RDFRS funded event
Architectural Association Private Party
Featured in The Smithsonian Magazine feature on The Ancestor’s Trail
Sponsored by Cameleon Bodypaint:
ANA Kostina Fashion Art & Al Overdrive Photoshoot (MUA):

Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear (DVD Release 2010- SFX Makeup)
Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear 2011 (DVD Release- SFX makeup, Stage makeup for opening act, optical illusion gory face painting and press release)

Black Eyed Peas Album Launch Party (Bodypainter) 2010

PH4 Secret Elite (Model, Bodypainter) 2010

Cirque Du Soir (Concept Artist, Bodypainter) 2010, 2015

UV World Awards Contestant 11th Place World Bodypainting Festival 2010, 8th Place 2011

FARBKRIEGER, Body Art Fashion show (Bodypainter, Costume Designer, Prosthetics Designer, Performer) 2011
Poster Girl/Own Makeup for The World Bodypainting Festival (MUA, Photographer, Post Producer) 2011

Colour Nomad, Body Art Fashion 2012 (Bodypainter, Performer, Accessories Designer)

Circa Burlesque (Performer, Bodypainter) 2010

Circa Extreme (Performer, Bodypainter) 2010

Circa Cabaret (Performer, Bodypainter) 2010

Club Antichrist (SFX, Performer) 2010

Alice Cooper’s Britain’s Got Freaks, Sky One. (Makeup Artist) 2010

RoboSteel/Man Of Steel (Concept Artist, Bodypainter) 2011

Wolf’s Bodymagic, King of UV (Co- Bodypainter) 2009-2012

Take Heart, Kensington Roof Gardens (Bodypainter) 2012

Sensity (Bodypainter and MUA) 2012

O2 (Bodypainter) 2011

Nokia (Co-Bodypainter) 2011

NHS Blood Donation Campaign (Co-Bodypainter) 2012

UVatar Experience (Bodypainter, Photographer) 2011

White Mischief (Bodypainter) 2010

Andro Ovesny (Bodypainter) 2010

Maximas Von Bracey (MUA and Photography) 2010

Filament Magazine (MUA and Photographer) 2010

London Fashion Week, Stylo International (Bodypainter) 2010

Club Rub (Bodypainter, Performer, Prop Designer, Choreographer) 2010

Stanmere House (Bodypainter and Assistant for 7 days) 2011

NOKIA: 700 Smartphone Launch, London Bridge, Jeans Painting (Bodypainter) 2011

Body Circus, The Surreal Ballroom for The World Bodypainting Festival: Guest Bodypainter

Invited Artist: Koh Samui International Bodypainting Festival
Invited Artist: Stockholm International Bodypainting Festival, Sweden

Indie Films:

Barry The Demon Hunter (Model, Actor, MUA)

The Krampus (SFX, Wardrobe, Styling, Makeup, Consultancy)

Learning Hebrew (MUA, Bodypainter, Actor)

Theatre Productions:

The Dunwich Horror, The Courtyard, London (Makeup Consultant, Promo Bodypainter and SFX Artist)

The Fuel Girls- Bodypainting at Stylo

Clikz Magazine, U
Filament, UK Magazin
Body Art Fashion, Expression in the spotlight, Karala B(Art Director of The World Bodypainting Festival
Re/Vision On
Bizarre Magazine (MUA for the X-treme Factor)
The Metro (MUA for Britains Got Freaks, Makeup Featured)
Alexandra Palace Online-Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear (Featured with bodypainted model)
Femina Magazine- “The Escapades of Lady Ganga” (Bodypainter and some styling)
Queen Victoria- Warpaint Magazine 2015