New VG workshops, World Bodypainting Academy, London

7-8th March was London’s first brush with The World Bodypainting Academy.

Victoria Gugenheim and Wolf’s Bodymagic teamed up to become the world’s first WBA instructors on Robots, Cyborgs and The Gugenheim Style, featuring twice Mr Venice Beach model, Sean Jones as one of the dedicated demo models. Students from all over Europe came together at Blundell St Studio’s in London to take part in this 2 day course in how to turn someone from human to cybernetic organism using just bodypaint and a cultivated imagination under the tutelage of these two body art titans.

Want to learn how to bodypaint? Use the contact form provided with the title “Student” to inquire about new classes coming very soon to WBA and Victoria Gugenheim Body Art.

The course was also covered in fusion here